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  • All prices are quoted in US$ FOB from Jakarta International Airport - Indonesia.

  • We have two types of styrophor packing box which contains of 4 (four) bags or 6 (six) bags .Packing charges is US$ 6 /each for the small box or US$ 8 for the large box. Approximate Weight is 13 - 14 Kg for small box and 19 - 21 Kg for large box. Handling charges is US$ 75 per shipment .

  • We prepare documents like Health of Certificate, COO,etc as requested by our customer.

  • Any mortality happened on the arrival of fish less than 5 (five) percent should be accepted by Consignee. Death on Arrival report must be within 24 hours after the shipment done clearly.

  • If there is any damage or losses because of flight delayed or misconnection flight which approved by the flight carrier officer or other causes of force majeure happened in action ,all cost must be shared between shipper and consignee for half party each unless we can claim the losses and get paid immediately.

  • Order notice must be placed at least 6 ( six ) days before the shipment date , so we have enough time to prepare all documents requested and good quarantine period for fishes.

  • Payment should be made for each order via T/T to our Bank Account in Jakarta - Indonesia .